Giessen Waterfall, Switzerland

On the occasion of today’s Swiss national holiday I’d like to publish a shot from a beautiful spot in Switzerland.

This somewhat hidden waterfall in the Swiss Kanton Basel-Landschaft is called the „Giessen Wasserfall“. It faces noth-east and is therefore challenging to capture. So I took this photo around noon on a bright and sunny day to get as much light as possible.

Like with many of my waterfall shots I decided for a long-exposure of 30 sec. using a neutral density filter (Firecrest ND 3.0 from Formatt-Hitech) with f/8 for good depth of field and ISO 400. The lens used was a Canon EF 24-70 mm f/4L IS USM at 24 mm on a Canon EOS 5DSR.

Happy holiday!

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