Southern Cross and the starry sky of the southern hemisphere

While it is well known that the north of Chile is the place of the largest and best observatories in the world, I tried a shot just with my DSLR and a wide angle lense in the Torres del Paine National Park which is located in the south of Chile.

This is a great place too as there is hardly any light pollution. So I took this shot in a clear and dry November night at about 11 pm.

The sunset had not yet fully occured which gave a stunning color gradient from yellow via green, light blue, purple to dark blue and black.

Originally I just wanted a shot of the famous Southern Cross but ended up with half the Milky Way and as special gift a little shooting star … Actually the galactic center is on the very right of the picture.

If you want to know what you actually see on the photograph, please see below. I marked the most interesting objects.

Sky Engl-4-2

BTW: This shot was taken with a Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM on a Canon EOS 5DSR. I selected 20 seconds exposure time, open aperture, ISO 3200 and obviously manual focus; no stacking or anything else. It is amazing what the 50 megapixel sensor of this DSLR can capture! I finished the photograph in Adobe Lightroom reducing noise and increasing clarity and dynamic. (The uploaded photo is reduced in size.)

A great website, that shows many details of the Milky Way (although in German) and helped my to assign the names to the various objects is www.abenteuer-sterne.de.

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