Eilat Mountains, Negev Desert, Israel

Eilat is located at the most southern point of Israel at the Red Sea close to the borders of Jordan in the East and Egypt in the west. The Eilat mountain range belongs to the southern part of the Negev desert. Particularly fascinating are the various colors of that mountain range which I captured in the above photo: the red sandstone, the yellow limestone and conglomerate and the dark gray granite.

In the back one can see the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Close to the border to Egypt a wadi carved out the Red Canyon. (A wadi is a dry river except in the rainy season.) Actually the Red Canyon is not only red but also yellow… With some blue sky peaking through the high walls of the canyon the little hike through the canyon becomes a colorful experience.

Red Canyon, Eilat Mountains, Negev Desert, Israel

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