The Greina High-Plateau: wide, wild, untapped

Greina High-Plateau, view from east close to pass Diesrut, Switzerland

The Greina High-Plateau offers an exceptional nature experience! The 1 km wide and 6 km long plateau is linking 3 valleys at around 2’200 m a.s.l.: Lumnezia in the east, Sumvitg in the north and Blenio in the south. No cable car or chair lift gets you there, only your own feet! The shot above shares the view from the east.

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Swiss National Holiday

Oeschinen See, Schweiz
Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

On the occasion of today’s Swiss national holiday I once again like to publish a shot from a beautiful and iconic spot in Switzerland. This year I selected the Oeschinen Lake. It’s located close to Kandersteg in the Bernese Alps. The lake belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.

The 10 most dominant Mountains of the Alps: #1 – Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, View from Aiguille du Midi, France

Finally we are reaching the most dominant and also highest mountain of the Alps: The Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km – Height 4’810 m). It is located in the French Alps and belongs to the so called Graian Alps. The shot above and the one below show the north-west side.

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