New Zealands Vulcanos

Mount Taranaki – View from Lake Mangamahoe, New Zealand

No, it’s not Mount Fuji from Japan. It’s Mount Taranaki (2’518 m.a.s.l.) located on the southwest of the northern island of New Zealand. The view from Lake Mangamahoe near New Plymouth is fascinating in particular early in the morning when the view is clear and sun lets the rainforrest shine is many shades of green.

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Pretty unique: A Rainbow over the Dead Sea

Rainbow over the Dead Sea

It does not really rain at the Dead Sea at all. Well, this time – in April 2023 – a quite strong thunderstorm with pouring rain hit the area. So the classic shot with blue sky was turned into a dramatic view from the salty Israelian coastline across the Dead Sea towards Jordan … and … with a double rainbow! Probably a pretty unique photo.

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The Negev – Eilat Mountains and the Red Canyon

Eilat Mountains, Negev Desert, Israel

Eilat is located at the most southern point of Israel at the Red Sea close to the borders of Jordan in the East and Egypt in the west. The Eilat mountain range belongs to the southern part of the Negev desert. Particularly fascinating are the various colors of that mountain range which I captured in the above photo: the red sandstone, the yellow limestone and conglomerate and the dark gray granite.

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The Negev – Desert Zin and the En Avdat Canyon

Desert Zin, Negev, Israel

The southern part of Israel is a desert – the Negev Desert. Towards the north of the Negev, is the Zin Desert located. The name comes from the Nahal (stream) Zin. The Avdat spring which created a deep canyon feeds the Nahal Zin. In the midst of the desert the little stream meanders like a large green snake.

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