The Alps flooded? … Well, sort of …

Lyngenalps, Norway

Here we look at the “other” Alps, the Lyngenalps in the north of Norway! The Lyngenalps are a 90 km long mountain range rising 1’800 m high out of the Lyngenfjord on their east side and the Ullstfjord on their west side.

The spectacular view is from Dalberget looking across the Lyngenfjord. The hike starts in Djupvik and reaches after a bit more than one hour 420 m height. The below 180 degree panoramic photo is composed from 13 portrait shots with full format focal lenght of 52 mm.

Lyngenalps, Norway

Below the view from the ferry from Olderdalen to Lyngseidet. Without the Fjord, this picutre could have been taken in the Swiss Alps too …

Lyngenalps, Norway

The below picture is across the Ullstfjord towards the area with the highest mountains of the Lyngenalps.

Lyngenalps, Norway

This time not a Fjord but a lake, the Jægervatnet with the west side of Lyngenalps in the background and the purple rosebay willowherbs that grow literally everywhere in the front.

Jægervatnet (Hunterlake), Lyngenalpen, Norwegen

What can’t be missing in any sort of “alps” of course is a glacier lake! Voilà:

Blåisvatnet (Blue Lake), Lyngenalps, Norway

Blåisvatnet (Blue Lake) is located at the foot of the Lenangsbreen glacier. When I reached the lake after a really rocky 1.5h hike on a late afternoon I was a bit surprised that it was more turquoise than blue (as in many pictures from this lake). Maybe this was due to the heavy rain that occured over the previous days.

The Lyngenalps are an impressive piece of structrues & shapes that nature created in the Norwegian Sea and were for sure worth the trip north of the arctic circle.

The Greina High-Plateau: wide, wild, untapped

Greina High-Plateau, view from east close to pass Diesrut, Switzerland

The Greina High-Plateau offers an exceptional nature experience! The 1 km wide and 6 km long plateau is linking 3 valleys at around 2’200 m a.s.l.: Lumnezia in the east, Sumvitg in the north and Blenio in the south. No cable car or chair lift gets you there, only your own feet! The shot above shares the view from the east.

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Swiss National Holiday

Oeschinen See, Schweiz
Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

On the occasion of today’s Swiss national holiday I once again like to publish a shot from a beautiful and iconic spot in Switzerland. This year I selected the Oeschinen Lake. It’s located close to Kandersteg in the Bernese Alps. The lake belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.