Diamond Beach, Iceland

The “Diamond Beach” at the glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon in the south of Iceland is the perfect spot to look for the Icelandic version of diamonds! Clear ice fresh from the glacier washed up on a black lava sand beach!

Diamond Beach, Iceland

The two pictures above are long exposure shots. How to take them I have explained in a previous blog post (Behind the Shot – Long Exposure). Particularly challenging was to keep the camera calm on the tripod as the wind was blowing quite strong …

The shots were taken between 2 and 3:30 pm in early February when the sun level is low allowing for this type of back light photography.

Diamond Beach, Iceland
Diamond Beach, Iceland
Diamond Beach, Iceland

3 thoughts on “Diamonds from Iceland

    1. Hi Lainrey! Sure, don‘t miss this beach in particular when the sun is low, which makes the ice cubes shine is all sorts of colors. Around the glacier lagoon there is more to see. If you go in winter you can visit ice caves too – see my post on the black diamond ice cave. But that is only possible in winter, i.e Jan + Feb. and it needs to be cold. If you go with guides, try to get into the inner part of the island that‘s pretty cool too – only possible in summer though. I‘m just planning another trip, my 4th. A lot to see. Enjoy Iceland and thanks for visiting my website. Bertold


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