DIe drei Zinnen
The Three Pinnacles, The Dolomites, Italy

In comparison to other mountain ranges in the world the Dolomites stand out as pretty unique: The variety of structures and shapes including peaks, towers, needles, pinnacles, plaetaus, layers, gorges, lakes and many more mirror the dramatic geologic history of this area that started about 280 million years ago.

More about the emergence of the Dolomites you can find here.

So my trip to the Dolomites was a must-do! I’m happy to share some of my best mountain shots today.

Monte Cristallo, The Dolomites, Italy
The Sella Group, The Dolomites, Italy

BTW: The Dolomites – a UNESCO world nature heritage – are located in the northeast of Italy. Their name is derived from a mineral called “Dolomite” (double calcium carbonate) which was first discovered by the French scientist Déodat de Dolomieu in the 18th century.

Cadini Group, near Misurina, The Dolomites, Italy
Civetta-Moiazza-Group, The Dolomites, Italy

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