Lago di Sorapis with Punta Nera (2’847 m), The Dolomites, Italy

After a good 6 km hike from the Passo Tre Croci (1’805m) I reached Lago di Sorapis on 1’923 m. Its turquoise water is stunning – like a huge turquoise pane of opal glass.

The photo is composed from 4 portrait shots with 24 mm focal length to get the peak of Punta Nera as well as the wide lake on the picutre and to avoid optical distortion from smaller focal lengths.

Karersee und Latemar-Massiv
Karer lake with Latemar mountain range, The Dolomites, Italy

Here the opposite: The Karer lake has crystall clear water through which the dark green ground shines. The mountain range is the back feeds this lake.

For this shot I used my EF 14 mm f/2.8L II USM with 1/1000s and f/8.0.

Both lakes are located in the Dolomites in the north of Italy.

More about the fascinating Dolomites in my previous posts A mountain range that started as tropical sea: The Dolomites and Green Ice.

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