Piz Bernina, View from Helicopter, Graubünden, Switzerland

The Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km – Height 4’049 m) is my favorite mountain and the second most dominant of the Alps. It is located in the canton Graubünden and from the top 10 dominant mountains of the Alps the most eastern. It is actually the only mountain of the eastern Alps reaching 4’000 m.

On an extremely clear morning in February when the air was very dry and sight just brilliant it finally worked out: I took a ride with an helicopter from the Samedan airport. The back seat had a little window just big enough for my camera lense to peak out. The result: a couple for really brilliant shots!

Piz Bernina with Biancograt, View from Helicopter, Graubünden, Switzerland

One of the spectacular characteristics of this mountiain is the so called Biancograt an ice covered ridge on the north side. From the helicopter I could catch a great view of it.

Piz Bernina, View from Bernina pass road, Graubünden, Switzerland

The shots above and below show the two glaciers related to Piz Bernina. To the north-east the Morteratsch Glacier (above) and to the north-west the Tschierva Glacier (below)

Piz Bernina – View from Piz Corvatsch, Graubünden, Switzerland

The panoramic shot from Piz Nair (below) shows the dominance of Piz Bernina right in the middle of the Bernina massif (west view); Further down the east view from Diavolezza.

Piz Bernina (middle), View from Piz Nair, Graubünden, Switzerland
Piz Bernina between Piz Palü (left) and Piz Morteratsch (right), View from Diavolezza, Graubünden, Switzerland
Piz Bernina, View from Diavolezza, Graubünden, Switzerland

Finally another shot of the west side at sunset highlighting again the Biancograt.

Piz Bernina, View from Julier pass road, Graubünden, Switzerland

Here again the list of the most dominant mountains of the Alps:

  1. Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km, Height 4’810 m)
  2. Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km, Height 4’049 m)
  3. Barre des Écrins (Dominance 107 km, Height 4’102 m)
  4. Dufourspitze (Dominance 78 km, Height 4’634 m)
  5. Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km, Height 4’274 m)
  6. Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km, Height 4’061 m)
  7. Combin de Grafeneire (Dominance 26.5 km, Height 4’314 m)
  8. Dom (Dominance 17 km, Height 4’545 m)
  9. Matterhorn (Dominance 14 km, Height 4’478 m)
  10. Aletschhorn (Dominance 13.5 km, Height 4’193 m)

And here again the overview of their locations:

The 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps (Google Maps); Pins show the locations from where the shots were taken; From left to right: Barre des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Combin de Grafeneire, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dom, Aletschhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Piz Bernina

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