Mont Blanc, View from Aiguille du Midi, France

Finally we are reaching the most dominant and also highest mountain of the Alps: The Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km – Height 4’810 m). It is located in the French Alps and belongs to the so called Graian Alps. The shot above and the one below show the north-west side.

Mont Blanc, View from Le Brévent, France

The town in this picture is Chamonix which is at an altitude of only 995 m a.s.l. Therefore the Mont-Blanc raises 3.8 km up from there!

Let me draw an interesting comparison to Mount Everest which is 8’848 m high: The Base Camp at Mount Everest is at 5’300 m a.s.l. Therefore Mount Everest rises only 3.5 km up from there 🙂

Mont Blanc, View from Mont Fort, Switzerland

The east side of Mont Blanc can be seen from Mont Fort. The air-line distance in this shot is about 45 km.

With this post I’m concluding my project to capture the 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps. Hope you enjoyed the series.

Here again the list of the most dominant mountains of the Alps:

  1. Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km, Height 4’810 m)
  2. Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km, Height 4’049 m)
  3. Barre des Écrins (Dominance 107 km, Height 4’102 m)
  4. Dufourspitze (Dominance 78 km, Height 4’634 m)
  5. Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km, Height 4’274 m)
  6. Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km, Height 4’061 m)
  7. Combin de Grafeneire (Dominance 26.5 km, Height 4’314 m)
  8. Dom (Dominance 17 km, Height 4’545 m)
  9. Matterhorn (Dominance 14 km, Height 4’478 m)
  10. Aletschhorn (Dominance 13.5 km, Height 4’193 m)

And here again the overview of their locations:

The 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps (Google Maps); Pins show the locations from where the shots were taken; From left to right: Barre des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Combin de Grafeneire, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dom, Aletschhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Piz Bernina

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