Zebra Jumping Spider

If this Zebra Jumping Spider could talk to the photographer that’s probably what it said while looking straight into the big black hole of my lens … Its head is roughly 1 mm wide and the whole animal 5 mm long.

Zebra Jumping Spider

From a macro-photography point of view these shots are pretty spectacular as they demonstrate what is technically feasible today: The pictures represent roughly 20% of a 45 mega pixel full format sensor area. I took the shot handheld with a 1/60 sec. exposure and f/9.0 at ISO 100.

How possible? I used a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM plus EF-RF adapter on an EOS R5. The magic comes from the double image stabilization: the flexible sensor mounting allows for a 5-axis in-body sensor-shift image stabilization and the hybrid image stabilization unit used in the lens compensates for both angular and shift movements in addition.

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