Lake Sils, Engadin, Switzerland

Time for reflection. Wishing all visitors of my blog and website Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy 2021!

This years “happy-holiday-shot” shows Lake Sils (located in the south-east of Switzerland) and the rare phenomenon of “black ice”. Usually the frozen lake is covered with snow, so everything is white anyway. This January though there was hardly any snow. And as it was calm too no air bubbles were encapsulated in the ice so that it did not turn white. The ice remained clear showing the color of the lake ground: black. The slightly uneven ice surface makes the reflections a bit blurry which gives the picture a bit of a mystic touch.

When I took this shot on Jan 3rd 2020 I had no idea how representative it would be for a year were light and dark were so often close together.

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