Gran Paradiso, Italian Alps

The Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km – Height 4’061 m) is located in the Aosta Valley and belongs to the Graian Alps. It is the highest mountain that is entirely on Italian territory.

Gran Paradiso, Italian Alps

The shot shows the north-west side of the mountain. To get to this view is a bit more challenging compared to the other mountains I featured so far in my series of the most dominant mountains of the Alps: One has to hike up. I was on my way to the Rifugio Chabod but unfortunately the weather turned bad so that after 2.5 hours quite steep hike up (from 1’800 m to 2’500 m a.s.l.) I had to go back being just about 1 km away from the Rifugio (at 2’700 m). Anyway, given that I made most of the ascent, I finally had a nice view towards the Gran Paradiso.

Here again the list of the most dominant mountains of the Alps:

  1. Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km, Height 4’810 m)
  2. Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km, Height 4’049 m)
  3. Barre des Écrins (Dominance 107 km, Height 4’102 m)
  4. Dufourspitze (Dominance 78 km, Height 4’634 m)
  5. Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km, Height 4’274 m)
  6. Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km, Height 4’061 m)
  7. Combin de Grafeneire (Dominance 26.5 km, Height 4’314 m)
  8. Dom (Dominance 17 km, Height 4’545 m)
  9. Matterhorn (Dominance 14 km, Height 4’478 m)
  10. Aletschhorn (Dominance 13.5 km, Height 4’193 m)

And here again the overview of their locations:

The 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps (Google Maps); Pins show the locations from where the shots were taken; From left to right: Barre des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Combin de Grafeneire, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dom, Aletschhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Piz Bernina

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