Finsteraarhorn, View from Risihorn, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Welcome back to my posts about the most dominant mountains of the Alps: The Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km – Height 4’274 m) is the highest mountain of the Bernese Alps and one of my favorite mountains (next to the Piz Bernina which I will feature in a later post …). It looks like a shark fin and given its dominance one can see if from various sides.

Here on the top is the view from the Risihorn. From Bellwald in the Rhone Valley on can take a chairlift up to 2’500 m a.s.l. From there it is a beautiful hike up to the Risihorn at 2’875 m. Only the last few meters to reach the summit are really steep. The view is absolutely stunning.

Finsteraarhorn, View from Furka-Pass, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

While the shot on the top is taken in summer showing the south-west side the one right above is from end of October showing the south-east side with some first snow. The distance is about 45 km confirming again how clear the view can be in autumn. The shot below is from the Grimsel-Lake.

Finsteraarhorn, View from Grimsel-Lake, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Now we are moving to the north-east side: The shot below shows the Schreckhorn on the left and the Finsteraarhorn in the back center. This picture also nicely shows the mountain range.

Finsteraarhorn, View from Bachalp-Lake, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Here again the list of the most dominant mountains of the Alps:

  1. Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km, Height 4’810 m)
  2. Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km, Height 4’049 m)
  3. Barre des Écrins (Dominance 107 km, Height 4’102 m)
  4. Dufourspitze (Dominance 78 km, Height 4’634 m)
  5. Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km, Height 4’274 m)
  6. Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km, Height 4’061 m)
  7. Combin de Grafeneire (Dominance 26.5 km, Height 4’314 m)
  8. Dom (Dominance 17 km, Height 4’545 m)
  9. Matterhorn (Dominance 14 km, Height 4’478 m)
  10. Aletschhorn (Dominance 13.5 km, Height 4’193 m)

And here again the overview of their locations:

The 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps (Google Maps); Pins show the locations from where the shots were taken; From left to right: Barre des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Combin de Grafeneire, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dom, Aletschhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Piz Bernina

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