Matterhorn and Riffel-Lake, Valais, Switzerland

Welcome back to my posts on the most dominant mountains of the Alps. The Matterhon (Dominance 14 km – Height 4’478 m) is a truely dominant one and always looks a bit different when the perspective changes. While it ranks 9 by dominance it ranks 6 by height and for sure it ranks 1 by number of photos taken by tourists from all over the world …

Matterhorn, Stelli-Lake, Valais, Switzerland
Matterhorn and Gindji Lake, Valais, Switzerland

The shots above have been taken along the famous 5-lake-hike starting from the Sunnegga station which can be reached by cable car from Zermatt. The shot below is from the train to Gornergrat.

For completeness it should be mentioned that the Matterhorn belongs to the Weisshorn-Matterhon-Mountain-Range which is located in the canton Valais in Switzerland.

Matterhorn, View from Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland

Here again the list of the most dominant mountains of the Alps:

  1. Mont Blanc (Dominance 2’812 km, Height 4’810 m)
  2. Piz Bernina (Dominance 138 km, Height 4’049 m)
  3. Barre des Écrins (Dominance 107 km, Height 4’102 m)
  4. Dufourspitze (Dominance 78 km, Height 4’634 m)
  5. Finsteraarhorn (Dominance 52 km, Height 4’274 m)
  6. Gran Paradiso (Dominance 45 km, Height 4’061 m)
  7. Combin de Grafeneire (Dominance 26.5 km, Height 4’314 m)
  8. Dom (Dominance 17 km, Height 4’545 m)
  9. Matterhorn (Dominance 14 km, Height 4’478 m)
  10. Aletschhorn (Dominance 13.5 km, Height 4’193 m)

And here again the overview of their locations:

The 10 most dominant mountains of the Alps (Google Maps); Pins show the locations from where the shots were taken; From left to right: Barre des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Combin de Grafeneire, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dom, Aletschhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Piz Bernina

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